From Victim to Victor

About Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

Motivational Keynote Speaker for Childhood Trauma Conferences

Derek Clark is an inspiring motivational speakers for conference keynotes, employee burnout, foster care and adoption conferences,  social worker, child abuse and neglect prevention, non profits fundraising, child protective services events, child welfare conferences, department of children and family services training, mental health conferences and many more events.

Derek is the author of seven books about never limiting life which details his experiences and mental mindset that he used to beat the statistics while growing up in the San Francisco bay area foster care system.

Prior to sharing his expertise as a motivational and inspirational speaker in professional development, Derek was the founder of a few successful companies. He knows that vision, attitude, leadership and teamwork play critical roles in personal and professional success. 

Derek Clark knows first-hand how to cope with and overcome adversity. When he was five year old child, his mother and stepfather (his biological father was in prison for the criminally insane) abandoned Derek at an emergency psychiatric unit.  The courts eventually placed Derek in the California foster care system. He would stay in foster care for 13 years dealing with rejection, emotional distress and anxiety. Derek never gave up though, and went from being a victim to an unbreakable victor. He kept pushing through the pain and took a disadvantage and turned it into an amazing advantage. His incredible story is one of resilience and redemption.

Derek survive brutal child abuse and abandonment.  Derek was prone to  acting out with anger and anxiety. In the system, he was “labeled and misdiagnosed” in almost every psychological evaluation. At 6 years old, Derek was almost institutionalized due to mental issues, severe erratic behavioral problems and violent tendencies. As he developed as a child, it became clear to his loving foster parents that this diagnosis was not the whole story.

Derek’s purpose and mission in life has become helping others find the mindset to turn obstacles into opportunities. His conference keynotes are based on his real-life trials and triumphs, and have inspired millions to have the mental strength to overcome your past. 

Watch Derek Clark
deliver an inspiring TED Talk

Watch Derek Clark deliver an inspiring TED Talk on The Power of Determination: It’s Not About Your IQ, It’s About Your I-WILL. Derek Clark’s story of true resilience and redemption have inspired audiences around the world.

Derek inspires youth and adults across this nation to never limit life and to not let the past limit their future.  He inspires and teaches you to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. He believes it all comes down to a choice and taking responsibility for the direction of your life…to own your life, thoughts and actions.

Derek Clark is also the viral video sensation called Rapping Dad.  He has had over 250 million views and counting. Derek’s been a featured TV expert on CNN Headline News, The Ricki Lake Show and even The Steve Harvey TV Show.

He has turned his life around from a survivor/victim to an unbreakable victor, equipping him with the wisdom and the will to never let your past infect your future.

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