From Victim to Victor

Motivational Keynote Speaker for Trauma Informed Care and Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs

Meet Derek Clark,  an inspirational and  motivational keynote speaker specializing on childhood trauma, adverse childhood experiences ACES, trauma informed care conferences and training. For the first five years of Derek’s life, he survived brutal child abuse before being placed into the foster care system where he would spend the next 13 years of his life in the San Francisco bay area foster care system.  Today, many children are going though multiple adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). Derek speaks on how to help the child with childhood trauma. 

Watch motivational keynote speaker Derek Clark share a raw and riveting story of how is father tried to kill him while his mom was pregnant.

Derek ACE score is the highest, 10! His brutal childhood is riddled with unrelenting trauma. Derek survived brutal child abuse and neglect. Derek has endured poverty and homelessness. His father and step father were both violent alcoholics.  

Despite all of his setbacks in life, he now thrives in life. Derek’s resilience, endurance and persistent determination gave him the strength and courage to inspire audiences with his message of hope and healing.  If you are a conference planner looking to make your event the best one yet, please book childhood trauma motivational keynote speaker for your next conference. 

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