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Motivational speaker Derek Clark - trauma informed care- foster care - ACEs

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Hello conference planners and event organizers. Looking for a top keynote speaker or trainer?  

Hire motivational keynote speaker Derek Clark to speak at your next conference or training. His popular topics are childhood trauma, trauma informed care, ACE’s, foster care, juvenile justice, early childhood development and child welfare. Derek is a top conference keynote speaker and the reviews speak volumes of his connection to his audience. Visit here for more information.  

Hire Motivational Speaker Derek Clark - Trauma Informed - ACEs - Foster Care

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark - ACEs - Trauma Informed Care - Foster Care

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark - Keynote speaker trauma informed care, ACEs, foster care

Motivational speaker Derek Clark - foster care- trauma informed care- ACEs

Motivational speaker Derek Clark - foster care- ACES - trauma informed care

Motivational speaker Derek Clark - trauma informed care- foster care - ACEs

Motivational and inspirational speaker Derek Clark - foster care - ACEs - trauma informed care

motivational and inspirational speaker Derek Clark - keynote speaker on foster care, trauma informed care and ACEs

motivational and inspirational keynote speaker derek clark - foster care - survivor - trauma informed care- ACEs

Rapping Dad” told an incredible story of converting personal pain into hope for the future.  One of the most powerful speakers I have ever listened to.

Absolutely loved Derek, his attitude, resiliency, and passion to share his experience for the edification of others, particularly our youth.

Amazing presentation. Great job in locating him.

Amazing speaker with a profoundly relevant message. Shared a lot of firsthand experiences and vulnerability. Incredibly useful and memorable.

Amazing story

As a foster mom it put into perspective how the hard work and tough times can pay off for our kiddos.

As powerful as this presentation was online, I can only imagine what it would’ve been like in person.

I have attended this conference many times and this was the most informative and engaging keynote that I have seen.

I love the way he uses poetry and rap to get his message across.

I loved his firsthand experience growing up in foster care

I loved his story

I loved it! Very inspiring!

I loved the speaker; he was very knowledgeable and entertaining.

I really enjoyed his presentation, would love to hear him speak again

I really enjoyed Mr. Clark from his story to the information that he provided.

I really enjoyed the session.

I really enjoyed the speaker

I thought that his presentation was very informative and gain knowledge from someone who was a youth in foster care came more meaning to his presentation.

I truly enjoyed it

I truly enjoyed Mr. Clark! I loved his energy and passion on the subject!

I was like a little cry baby at his story of resilience!

I’m hopeful that something can top this throughout the remainder of the conference but I’m skeptical. This was amazing and I wish DCFS could bring Mr. Clark back for some more trainings.

Incredible speaker!

Incredible success story of survival! Great way to open the conference to get everyone in the right mindset

Inspiring story

it was amazing to hear his story from neo-natal to now.  It was powerful.  I plan to look up his books and rapping dad videos on YouTube

It was very informative to understand the obstacles of former youth and understand that each experience is different

Love it. I can’t wait to Google about him.

Love the way the speaker used his own experiences in relation to the topic.

Loved his story! It really opens our eyes to the importance of the first 5 years of life with development.

Loved it!

Loved the presentation would like to access if possible

Loved the Rapping Dad

Moving and a positive presentation of having support and making choices!

Mr Clark did a wonderful job taking us thru his life challenges. It was a great opener

Mr. Clark (#Rapping Dad, #Diamond D) was awesome. He was so on point, informative and encouraging. He really kick-started our morning.

Mr. Clark gave an amazing presentation. I enjoyed his enthusiasm and humor while discussing such a serious topic. Mr. Clark had a relatable and inspiring success story that can be passed along to the foster children currently in care.

Mr. Clark was a powerful speaker. I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mr. Clark was a very powerful speaker, and I thought it was so amazing and informative!

Mr. Clark was an awesome presenter!  I’m grateful he was able to share his story. It was wonderful that he had a social worker and foster parents who lived him and supported him.  He truly makes me appreciate my profession and helps me to remain humble.

Mr. Clark was an excellent presenter.  His story is extremely interesting, and he utilizes history, his trauma, and connects with biological factors which is informative and intriguing. 

Mr. Clark was very good.

Mr. Clark was very informative, i loved his story. His rap was amazing

Mr. Clark was very inspiring and kept my attention.

Mr. Clark’s presentation was absolutely amazing, moving, and motivating!! I greatly appreciate him sharing his story. It is a reminder of how important it is to help every child feel loved and valued.

Mr. Derek did a great job!

Mr. Derek was awesome he was very informative and knowledgeable.  I enjoyed his session

One of the best conference openings EVER!  Great kickoff

One of the best presentations I have attended in a long time.

One of the best presenters/presentations I have ever encountered.

Outstanding inspiring session

Powerful Presentation!

Presentation was awesome

Really enjoyed this session, it was awesome, keep rapping Mr. Clark

Speaker was absolutely awesome! Presentation was very engaging and interesting.

Such a great way to open a conference!! Such a powerful testimony

Thanks so much!

That was an amazing story.

The conference was off to a great start as Mr. Clark was energetic, interesting and engaging.

The guest speaker was awesome! I truly enjoyed listening to his story.

The Keynote speaker was excellent

The music at the end was awesome. We should definitely have this speaker back.

The presentation caused me to think back to my years as a field worker……Did I do the best work for children? I now see things so differently for families. I knew most of this, but it was so impactful until I do not think I knew enough.

The presentation was awesome.  Great presentation from beginning to end.

The presentation was both motivational and insightful.  It allowed for different therapeutic approaches that consider the underlying issues, and the importance of trust, resilience, and believing in children.   

The presentation was extremely relevant and useful. I found myself picturing some of the youth I have encountered thus far that have similar backgrounds to Mr. Clark and hoping and praying that they are half as successful as he is. 

The presenter was awesome

The rest of the conference presenters have a lot to live up to.  Mr. Clark was outstanding!

The session was great and very inspiring. Great way to start the conference.

This Keynote speaker did an awesome job. He was entertaining, engaging, and articulate. He held my attention throughout his presentation.  I would love to hear him again.

This presentation was amazing! Hearing personal experience and working through his own case and identifying barriers and strategies was great to see from the client perspective!

This presentation was wonderful and powerful.  It was very attention grabbing.  Would love for him to come back next year!

This session was wonderful the presentation was detailed with relatable information, so touching, unique and true to societal challenges, in child welfare. The presenter was excellent

This speaker was awesome and provided an abundance of information. 

This training was very interesting. Awesome presentation very informative.

This was an amazing opening to kick off the TWC

This was an amazing presentation!

This was an excellent presentation. Would love to see in person

This was an important presentation.  Hopeful.  The truth.

This was by far the best Opening Keynote I have ever had the privilege to have attended.  He was truly eye opening and inspiring.

This was one of the most excellent, informative speakers with very valuable information that will enhance my ability to serve my clients.

This was very informative and enhanced my advocacy duties.

This was very informative. The presenter did a great job.

Totally enjoyed the presenter along with the information provided in the Keynote address.

Unbelievable – way to open a conference

Unbelievable opening for TWC!!!

Unfortunately, I was not able to be on for very long. However, from what I saw, I would say: He was inspiring and credible, and gave a clear message of unconditional love which is much needed in this system.

Very Awesome, Powerful, and Inspirational. I really enjoyed Mr. Clark’s presentation.

Very Compelling Speaker

Very dynamic speaker!

Very engaging presenter

Very Good Presentation!

Very informative and personal.  Great advice to help with teens.

Very Informative!

Very knowledgeable. I always enjoy the opening. It sets the stage for what’s to come and gets me excited.

Very motivating. Great speaker.

Very moving session and awesome presenter, great way to kick off the conference!!

Very Powerful presentation

What a powerful presentation. Probably the best keynote speaker I have heard. Thanks!

What a way to open the conference!

What an inspiration to see someone overcome so much and find a path to helping others help youth who have experienced this trauma.

Wonderful and enlightening presentation!


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