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Why Hire Derek Clark? Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker that Inspires!

Motivational keynote speaker Derek Clark

In the past year, companies have struggled to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, while C-suite executives and upper-level management are watching the bottom line, their employees are struggling under the weight of the events surrounding them. From economic and environmental crises to travel bans and racial injustice, the pandemic has forced most people to face and adapt to new realities. If they weren’t prepared for and accustomed to this adversity, then it can be quite a burden to bear.


Fortunately, there is something employers can do to help. Bring back those company events you cut from the budget and hire a motivational speaker. This is the optimal way to reengage your staff and let them know you’re working through this difficult period right alongside them.


Why a Company Event?


Company events offer your employees a chance to connect with one another. If you’re like most workplaces in the United States, this opportunity has been sorely lacking for the last 12 months. Remote work may have offered additional flexibility when we needed it most, but it didn’t offer you ways to validate employees or boost company morale.


If you want to create a better and more focused team, then this is worth the investment. Additionally, for companies that have brought on new team members in the past year, it offers the ability to establish and improve a healthy and thriving company culture.  


Why a Motivational Speaker?


A motivational speaker has the ability to help bring in new ideas and alter people’s perspectives. In a time when everyone seems to be struggling, having a new and compelling voice to come in and boost morale can be everything we need. Further, a motivational speaker that has faced adversity and seen it through to the other side can offer tips on how to approach what you’re facing in your own life. This is a powerful tool when you feel like you’re at your rope’s end.


Bonus, as management, it shows your employees that you see them and their struggle. By bringing in a speaker that can help with their personal and career development, you demonstrate your investment in them. This is one of the best ways to inject new ideas and inspiration into a team that needs it.


Why Derek Clark?


Are you interested in hiring a motivational speaker who can motivate your workforce and bring fresh ideas to your company? Look no further! Derek Clark champions his own story of inspiration as a survivor of brutal child abuse and abandonment.


Today, he works as an inspirational speaker, trainer, singer, songwriter, and author of several books. He uses his experiences to mentor others and enables them to work through their own challenges. Derek’s keynote speeches motivate employees and managers to overcome limited thinking and become solution-focused.


A motivational speaker is an investment in your employees — the team you spend the most time with. You’ll never regret making that investment. You can schedule Derek Clark as a motivational speaker or trainer at your workplace today. Contact Derek Clark.

Derek Clark is an inspiring conference keynote speaker and motivational & inspirational speaker that inspires audiences to never give up on a child. His personal life story of growing up in a toxic environment full of adverse childhood experiences, survived brutal child abuse and foster care for 13 years encourages audiences to never limit the potential of a child. He is the author of seven books and has over 250 million views on his videos.


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