From Victim to Victor

BEST SELLER – I WILL NEVER GIVE UP – Inspiring Memoir of Redemption – Paperback – Price Includes Shipping to USA

Rapping Dad Derek Clark’s book I Will Never Give Up is a revelatory story of resilience and redemption. A once deeply distressed and mistreated child, Derek Clark suffered parental abandonment and unthinkable child abuse before age five, when he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. His thirteen years in the San Francisco Bay Area foster care system were colored by extremes of humiliation, aggression, emotional distress, and overwhelming anxiety that left him “labeled” and “misdiagnosed.”

Derek learned to cope in adversity and defied the artificial limitations imposed upon him by parents, adults, neurologists, psychologists, speech therapists, and social workers who mislabeled him. Eventually, he found hope and unexpected support from loving foster parents and a passionate social worker.

Derek knows firsthand that the obstacles of dire circumstances can be a path to great accomplishments. His past has never held him back from achieving what he sets in his heart and mind to do.

Former foster child/youth, Derek Clark, reveals how to connect to your child and build trust. This is his special memoir that will inspire you with hope and the strength to make it through great adversity. His story will inspire you to have hope and to never give up.


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