From Victim to Victor

Hidden Histories of Derek Clark : Asylum of Insanity – Paperback – Price Includes Shipping to USA

What terrifying things are going on at the Boatman Institute? There’s something very wrong with the place. They say they want to help lost and unwanted children, but Derek isn’t buying it.

Are those screams coming from the basement? On the surface, the Boatman Institute is there to provide love, therapy, and a new home for kids, but Derek is about to learn the sinister truth.

Who is Doctor Kriskoll, really? The man preaches mental health and redemption, but behind his eyes shines the outline of evil intentions.

Derek’s world is built on secrets—but secrets don’t stay buried. The truth will bring Derek further from reality than he’s ever been, and deep into a mystery more terrifying than he could have imagined.

These are the hidden histories of Derek Clark: murder, chaos, magic and madness.



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