From Victim to Victor

Hidden Histories of Derek Clark: Secrets Don’t Stay Buried – Paperback – Price Includes Shipping to USA

What happens when a mother’s love turns to murder? For Derek Clark, a shocking act of brutality will send him spiraling into worlds beyond our own, and introduce him to spine-chilling phantoms from an ancient past.

What kind of stepfather hatches nefarious plans to kill off his own son? For Derek, this one man’s wicked ways will help expose an inter-dimensional war that rages across multiple universes.

What if you returned from the dead? For Derek Clark, a second chance at life will leave him with astonishing supernatural powers. Will he use them in the fight for good, or will he side with an irresistible evil?

What if you were not insane, and everyone really was out to get you? For Derek, discovering why devils and hooligans want control of his destiny is a matter of survival. Is he just a stooge in some sinister plan, or does he have a choice that can set him free?

Derek’s world is built on secrets—but secrets don’t stay buried. The truth will bring Derek further from reality than he’s ever been, and deep into a mystery more terrifying than he could have imagined.

These are the hidden histories of Derek Clark: murder, chaos, magic and madness. ENTER, IF YOU DARE!!!


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