From Victim to Victor

Motivational Speaker Derek Clark’s Trauma Foster Care Training- 2 DVD Set – For Child Welfare Professionals – Price Includes Shipping to USA

To hire motivational speaker Derek Clark to speak or train at your child welfare- foster care event costs thousands of dollars. If your budget is lower, his DVD set is a great affordable alternative that will inspire your next training event. This training DVD was Recorded live at one of Derek’s training events with close to 1000 members in the audience. This DVD set was recorded professionally with great sound and visual quality.
Derek Clark’s inspiring program provides insight and specific training that will assist professionals in connecting with vulnerable and grieving children and youth. Professionals will gain understanding and knowledge about childhood responses to traumatic experiences, how to ask questions that build trust and shape futures, and to offer justice, power and dignity as a response to labeling and quick diagnosis. Every professional working with kids in care has a purpose; to make sure that each child feels important, to help them to reclaim their dignity, to feel secure, and to know that their past does not have to infect their future.
Best practices—ethical practices—must include the heightened awareness of our language customs in the social service field and must have a solid foundation rooted in our knowledge of grief, loss and traumatic experiences. The words we speak and write have great power to build up, define or defeat a child. These labels have the ability to follow children for the rest of their lives and can shape their attitude, self esteem, relationships and professional life.
Derek will give you insight into his personal childhood journey of being wrongfully labeled in the foster care system for thirteen years, and the key reasons why he did not turn out addicted, incarcerated, or dead. Derek will challenge many of the accepted practices of the child welfare system and provide alternative ways to understand why kids behave in the ways that they do.


Derek Clark is a popular motivational speaker/trainer and the author of six books including Disable the Label: Never Limit the Potential of a ChildNever Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series. Derek’s true-life trials and personal triumphs have inspired organizations worldwide with his message of resilience, hope, courage, unwavering perseverance and redemption.

Prices include shipping for United States of America only.


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