From Victim to Victor

Zoom and Google Meet Comments about Derek Clark’s Virtual Keynotes and Training

trauma informed care training

Do not leave us now. You are great! I’m so enjoying this keynote speaker! PREACH 😍🙏❤️

I am literally at a loss of words after listening to your story. I have never been so moved or motivated in my life. Your story will continue to resonate in my work and in my life. You had me on the edge of my seat and brought me to tears. You did an amazing job! I have never been so engaged over zoom. – Sabrina Nestoras

09:33:21           From  Kylee Bowe : So Amazing!!!!

09:33:23           From  Jada Hrubes : Amazing 🙂

09:33:33           From  Nikki Olson : chills

09:33:50           From  DION RACKS : So powerful ❤️

09:34:08           From  Marla Sutton : That is the best!!!

09:34:46           From  Taneisha J. : You’re very resilient! This is so empowering 🙂

09:35:16           From  Tracy Pillsbury : What a powerful story

09:35:45           From  Cindy.Fonseca : so inspiring!

09:36:04           From  Davia Washington : i agree

09:36:19           From  Kristi Petersen : This is a very powerful story

09:36:22           From  Melanie Estill : thank you for sharing your story, Derek

09:36:45           From  Terri Enters : Behavior is a form of communication not something to control!

09:36:56           From  Melanie Estill : agreed

09:37:22           From  Jada Hrubes : Yes Terri!!!

09:39:10           From  Lisa Dess : Thank you for sharing your story. Very powerful.

09:40:46           From  Kimberly VanHoof DCF/BRO : So powerful, Thank You for sharing your story Derek!

09:41:49           From  Julie-ICW IA : Thank you for sharing your story!

09:45:31           From  Kelly S  to  Kim Eithun(Privately) : I do not see the three dot.  Kelly Stahowiak with Winnebago County (Kelly S) is present.

09:45:56           From  Kim Eithun  to  Kelly S(Privately) : Thanks Kelly. I have it

09:49:39           From  Taneisha J. : Oh man! This is sad.

09:50:17           From  MJ Goodman ~ DMCPS : you’ve got me on the edge of my seat……

09:50:53           From  Melanie Estill : I know right

09:50:56           From  Andrea Cleland : No kidding MJ! No kidding!

09:51:12           From  Taneisha J. : Nice; this is today’s Reggaeton!

09:51:16           From  Teresa Thomas : I could listen to him all day.

09:51:30           From  Amy Smith : Me too Terri!

09:51:41           From  Taneisha J. : I’m Jamaican; love Peter Tosh!

09:51:48           From  Melanie Estill : oh dang!

09:51:54           From  Amy Smith : Oh my!!!!

09:51:58           From  Kathleen Bell : Oh my gosh, that was awesome!

09:52:03           From  Marla Sutton : Pretty awesome!

09:52:10           From  Davia Washington : love it!

09:52:11           From  Melanie Estill : this is great

09:52:13           From  Teresa Thomas : I need to introduce him to my husband who writes music!

09:52:14           From  Ashley- SaintA : That was really awesome

09:52:22           From  Terri Enters : You are great

09:52:29           From  Vianney Gaines : hilarious !

09:52:31           From  Ronda Marwa : Respect for Diamond D!!

09:52:43           From  Teresa Thomas : those overalls lol

09:52:50           From  Melanie Estill : reminds me a little of marky mark

09:53:19           From  Taneisha J. : Oh man. I can relate. I remember coming to America with an accent in an all black school trying to fit in….. It was rough!

09:53:43           From  Karen Jones : I can see this with the foster kids for sure

09:54:15           From  Marla Sutton : 80s and 90s rap is awesome!

09:54:17           From  Teresa Thomas : nothing like 90’s rap

09:54:41           From  HSIP 0112 : 👏🏽👏🏽

09:55:45           From  Marla Sutton : anyone else tapping toes so no one can see you bobbing to the beat???

09:56:01           From  Kristi Petersen : Wow. Amazing.

09:56:08           From  Ashley- SaintA : I’m crying. This is so amazing.

09:56:09           From  DION RACKS : impressive!

09:56:13           From  Christina Colon : #Hopedealer

09:56:15           From  Vianney Gaines : love it !

09:56:22           From  Alice Hibbler : LOVE this

09:56:34           From  Connie Bettin, Dane County She, Her, Hers : Powerful!

09:56:35           From  Kelly Imeson : goose bumps!

09:56:40           From  Sue Selzler Washburn Co : So amazing…Thank you

09:56:49           From  Ellen Robison : Actual tears—powerful!

09:57:02           From  Taneisha J. : Who says white man can’t rap; I’ll buy this single!

09:57:37           From  HSIP 0112 : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

09:57:40           From  Christina Colon : So powerful! This is great. You are a blessing Derek! Thank you

09:57:43           From  Michelle Montez : more tears

09:57:52           From  Dalia McMurtrey : Loved that!

09:57:54           From  Kathleen Bell : Amazing!

09:57:59           From  Hannah Nash : 👏🏽

09:58:05           From  Alyssa Jones : So great!!

09:58:09           From  Julie Ahnen : Awesome!! Thank you so much!

09:58:19           From  Colleen Hoover : 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

09:58:39           From  Amy Smith : Such a FABULOUS speaker!  Could listen to Derek all day!

09:58:50           From  Tywonna Laney : Great Song.

09:58:54           From  Kimberly VanHoof DCF/BRO : Yes Amy Smith!

09:59:02           From  Kristi Petersen : I agree Amy

09:59:10           From  Andrea Cleland : Powerful, inspiring and what an amazing reminder of why we are all here! Thank you!

09:59:15           From  Lauren Flunker : Awesome message- thank you! 🙂

09:59:28           From  Derek Olsen : thanks for sharing with us, great presentation

09:59:43           From  Micaela Broetzmann : THANK YOU!!!! This was amazing!

09:59:45           From  Sue Selzler Washburn Co : Loved your presentation!!  Please come back next year

09:59:54           From  Terri Enters : thank you Derek for sharing your story for us to better reach others

09:59:57           From  Jennifer CPS OG Supervisor Wood Co : Thank you!

10:00:00           From  Breanna Schaedel -AJA : This is so eye opening working with so many youth that have been through so much…this gives a totally different perspective.

10:00:03           From  Lisa Dess : thank you! very powerful presentation.

10:00:04           From  Lonna Morouney DCF : Thank you! amazing!

10:00:08           From  Melanie Estill : Yes come back next year. My favorite guest speaker out of all the conferences

10:00:25           From  Tara Sommersberger : I loved “Children’s outside world may be a reflection of their inner world.”  Thank you for sharing your story!

10:00:46           From  Michelle Kobriger : Thank you for your powerful presentation. Simply amazing and very real

10:01:03           From  Julie Ahnen : Restoration Artists-so powerful!

10:01:20           From  Karriann Teresinski : I thought the same thing, Julie. 🙂

10:02:22           From  Laura Howitz : Thank you so much for sharing your story! I love this and feel motivated to take on the world!

10:02:29           From  Sabrina Nestoras : Thank you so much for sharing your story.

10:02:31           From  Connie Koebke : Incredible and inspirational!  Thank you Derek for sharing your life and your learning.  You are making a difference!

10:02:34           From  Brenda Lee- Oneida County Social Service : Thank you for sharing your story.

10:02:34           From  Stephanie Breitenfeldt : DIAMOND D!

10:02:34           From  Amy Smith : Never let the inner me be an enemy – LOVE IT!!

10:02:34           From  Alie Moran : Thank you!

10:02:35           From  Karen Jones : thank you

10:02:36           From  MB328 : Thank you so much!

10:02:36           From  Lisa Dess : thank you

10:02:37           From  Sarah Henery : Thank you!!!

10:02:37           From  Marla Sutton : Thank you!

10:02:37           From  Ashley- SaintA : Thank you so much!!!!

10:02:38           From  Taneisha J. : Thank you Derek! Please come back!

10:02:38           From  Ellen Robison : Thank you Diamond D!

10:02:39           From  Stephanie Engle : Wow!!!

10:02:39           From  Lori Radcliffe : THANK YOU!! Just Fabulous

10:02:40           From  Stephanie Hotz : Thank you so much. This was so inspiring

10:02:41           From  Christina Colon : Thank you!!!

10:02:42           From  Jada Hrubes : THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

10:02:43           From  Karriann Teresinski : Thank you!!!!

10:02:44           From  ahartwell : awesome thank you

10:02:44           From  Kristi Petersen : thank you

10:02:44           From  Nadine Sherman : thank you!!!!!

10:02:48           From  Vicki Heling : Thank you, !!!!

10:02:48           From  Michelle Montez : thank you

10:02:48           From  Meghan Sluga : Thank you, this was awesome!

10:02:49           From  Breanna Schaedel -AJA : Amazing, thank you!

10:02:50           From  Andrea Leaman – Licensing and Placement Supervisor : Awesome presentation!!! Thank you!

10:02:50           From  Sue Selzler Washburn Co : thank you

10:02:50           From  RMerino : Thank you

10:02:51           From  Jessica George-Reyes : Thank you Derek!!!!

10:02:51           From  Jenni : Amazing!!!!! THank you

10:02:52           From  Jessie Cody- Marquette Co. DHS : Thank you~

10:02:52           From  Lauren Borkenhagen – DMCPS : thank you

10:02:54           From  Heather Simmons : Thank you!!!

10:02:55           From  Christina Colon : You are amazing!!!

10:02:57           From  Eunice : Thank you!

10:02:57           From  leighannepala : Thank you so much!!

10:02:59           From  Melissa Lipovsek : Thank you so much… so moving.

10:03:00           From  Emily Kasuboski : thank you!

10:03:01           From  Cornelius Smith : thank you

10:03:03           From  Erik Pritzl : Thank you, Derek.  Honored to share the space and time with you.

10:03:03           From  Barber, Jessica – DCF : Thank you!!! Simply amazing.

10:03:05           From  HSIP 0112 : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

10:03:05           From  Alyssa Miller : 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

10:03:07           From  Rebecca Green Blanks : thank you!

10:03:10           From  Pamela Alexander : Niiiice 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

10:03:11           From  Teresa Thomas : Thank you so much!

10:03:11           From  Malorie Peter : THANK YOU!

10:03:12           From  Melanie Estill : thank you

10:03:15           From  Lyndsey Dallman : Thank you so much!!

10:03:15           From  Gina Flaherty : thank you

10:03:18           From  Kathleen Bell : Thank you!! AMAZING!!!

10:03:19           From  Lydia Johnson : Amazing. Thank you!!

10:03:20           From  Amanda Stewart- Brown County : THANK YOU!!!

10:03:22           From  Vianney Gaines : thank you !!!!! amazing

10:03:23           From  Maureen Murphy : THANK YOU!

10:03:23           From  DION RACKS : continue to walk in your gift

10:03:25           From  Andrea Szwec : Thank you!  So powerful and inspiring

10:03:28           From  Davia Washington : thank you

10:03:28           From  Renee Luell : Thank you!  Very inspiring!

10:03:32           From  Cindy.Fonseca : Thank you so much!

10:03:33           From  Tywonna Laney : Thank you for story.  You are amazing.

10:03:36           From  Patricia Parker : Excellent presentation!

10:03:38           From  Rebecca Nicholson : Blessings to you and your work!!!

10:03:38           From  Brandy : Very inspiring!

10:03:43           From  Andrea Cleland : Perfect start to our conference! Thank you!

10:03:51           From  Marie Cunningham : Thank you for sharing your story and gifts with the world!!! You are truly amazing!

10:03:51           From  Maggie Fenske : Thank you! So powerful!

10:03:52           From  Tywonna Laney : Excellent  Presentation

10:03:57           From  Christina Colon : You are a true inspiration!

10:03:57           From  Kayla Isabell : Thank you! You’re testimony is amazing

10:04:00           From  Jessica Lee : Derek, THANK YOU! The fire is on!

10:04:02           From  Daina Dobbs Jackson Cty  : Very inspiring!!

10:04:04           From  Kate Angers : Thank you!!!

10:04:20           From  Melissa Richards : thank you so much!  Amazing speaker! your an inspiration to all

I truly enjoyed Friday night with Derek Clark. He was so Awesome and Great love all his great information and his life story because you just can’t judge a book by its cover.

Great Speaker on Friday night.

keynote speaker Derek Clark – choosing the correct words and focusing on the relationship and not the consequences

I am utilizing your three-word affirmation idea; I have already had two incidences where it’s been beneficial. I appreciate that you can open your heart up to strangers; We could feel your pain, as well as, your joy! DCR-Derek Clark Rocks

This is good already!

You are awesome!

I love it

you are great

you are special

Jesus loves you

You’re a hero

We love you


YESSSSSSSS does not have to be blood. All you need is love.

Our children are worth the fight!

I love this

Labels do not define a child


Do not leave us now. You are great

I’m so enjoying this keynote speaker!


GO Derek!!!!!!

Yaaassss, go Derek!!!!

I need the mixtape, Derek!

oooo ya got skilllsss


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